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Gondolier Character Jug

The Royal Doulton Character Jug “Gondolier,” introduced in 1964, is a testament to the creative artistry and detailed craftsmanship of the Royal Doulton Company. Designed by David Biggs, this character jug captures the essence of a Venetian gondolier, a symbolic figure representing the romantic and historic city of Venice, Italy.

A Set of Three Royal Doulton Gondolier Graduated Character Jugs
A Set of Three Royal Doulton Gondolier Graduated Character Jugs. These examples were sold for £60 Cuttlestones Auctioneers, September 2020.

Gondoliers, known for steering gondolas through the intricate canals of Venice, are iconic to the city’s culture and history. David Biggs, in designing the Gondolier jug, effectively encapsulated the charm and character of these Venetian boatmen. The jug features a stylized representation of a gondolier, complete with traditional attire. The attention to detail in the jug’s design is noteworthy, from the characteristic striped shirt to the wide-brimmed straw hat, elements synonymous with a gondolier’s appearance. The handle is quite fun featuring a part of a gondolier itself and the famous red and white canal pole of Venice.

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One of the unique aspects of this character jug is its availability in three different sizes, making it accessible to a wide range of collectors:

  1. Large (D6589): The large size offers a more imposing and detailed representation, allowing for a more pronounced display of the intricate design elements.
  2. Small (D6592): This version provides a compact yet detailed portrayal, suitable for collectors with limited space or who prefer smaller collectibles.
  3. Miniature (D6595): The miniature size offers a tiny yet exquisitely detailed version, appealing to those who appreciate the artistry in a smaller scale.

The production of the Gondolier jug was relatively short-lived, as it was withdrawn in 1969, merely five years after its introduction. This limited production run adds to the jug’s collectibility and rarity. Collectors of Royal Doulton jugs value such pieces not only for their aesthetic appeal but also for their historical and cultural significance.