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Jockey Character Jug information and price guide

The Royal Doulton Jockey Character Jug,  designed by David Biggs and introduced in 1971, encapsulates the spirit and vibrancy of horse racing through the skilled craftsmanship for which Royal Doulton is renowned. This particular jug, with its reference number 6625, was produced in a large version and remained in production until 1975, making its tenure relatively short and adding to its collectible value.

Royal Doulton Jockey Character Jug
Royal Doulton Jockey Character Jug. This example sold for £30 at Potteries Auction, November 2023.

David Biggs, known for his ability to capture character and profession with acute detail and whimsy, designed the Jockey character jug to embody the essence of a seasoned jockey. Dressed in striking red and yellow silks, complemented by a matching jockey’s cap, the jug brings to life the colorful and competitive world of horse racing. The jockey’s expression, wily and experienced, reflects the determination and cunning necessary to succeed in the racing world.

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The jug handle is made as a Horse Race Winning Post.

This jug stands out not only for its vivid portrayal but also for the story of its production. While the large version saw a general release, making it a cherished item among collectors, Royal Doulton had also piloted small and miniature versions of the Jockey jug. These smaller versions, however, were never released to the general market, making any existing pieces extremely rare and highly sought after by collectors. The small version can be found in the same red and yellow silks, and also in red and green silks.

The withdrawal of the Jockey jug from production in 1975 means that it was available for a relatively brief period, enhancing its value and appeal among collectors of Royal Doulton ceramics. Collectors and enthusiasts of horse racing memorabilia particularly treasure this jug for its artistic representation of the racing profession and its place within the broader context of Royal Doulton’s celebrated character jugs.