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Parson Brown Character Jug information and price guide

The Royal Doulton Character Jug Parson Brown, designed by the acclaimed Charles Noke, was introduced to the market in 1935. A classic example of Royal Doulton’s commitment to capturing colorful characters in ceramic form, Parson Brown was available in two sizes: the large version (D5486) and the small version (D5529). The production of these jugs continued until 1960, marking a 25-year period of production.

Parson Brown shown in two sizes
The Parson Brown Character Jug was available in two sizes: the large version (D5486) and the small version (D5529)

The jug depicts what might be seen as a typical parson with portly face who looks like he might enjoy a tipple and would be an integral part of village life. His expressive facial features, which convey a gentle and benign demeanor, reflective of the parson’s role as a moral and spiritual guide in the community. He wears a jacket with a bow tie, with a winged collar shirt. The most common versions of the jug feature a brown hat, but variants with a green hat have also been observed. As they are all hand painted variations can also be seen in the colour of the Paron’s hair. The handle is a simple curved handle so no interesting features.

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Price Guide
Discontinued in 1960, the Parson Brown jug is a classic Doulton jug but the current market is extremely weak. For a design that was only produced for twenty five years and discontinued over sixty year ago it can be acquired at auctions for pounds and you will normally have to buy it with other jugs. There are variations with souvenir back stamps which are quite rare (see below).

Large version £5-£15
Small version £5-£15

Backstamp Variations
Parson Brown can be found in its small version with shop souvenir back stamps. The two examples below feature Souvenir from Darley & Son Sheffield & Rotherham and a Souvenir from Bentalls 1936. These are quite rare and do not appear at auction regularly.

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